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Luke and I took a drive to Fintry Provincial park with the dogs. It’s about a half hour drive with beautiful views of the lake almost the entire way. The park is mostly closed for the season, but you can park and walk down to the water. Oliver being blind was kept on leash, but we let Jazmine run free and they both had a blast.

When I was in San Diego I remember having a conversation with my Uber driver regarding him living in a beautiful city and not taking time to look around much anymore. He hadn’t been to the beach in years. It made me think about living here in Kelowna. This place is an attraction for people around the world because of how beautiful it is. I need to remember to never forget to appreciate the life I live here, and how lucky I am.

That evening we ended up going out to watch a friends band play for Saint Patrick’s day at O’Flanagans pub. They are still not well known but are amazingly talented and I know they’ll make it big one of these days. They are called “Lucky Monkey“, click the link to check them out!


Luke had to work but I was off so did the usual. Laundry and house cleaning in the morning and took the dogs for a walk. In the afternoon the sun came out and it was the warmest day of 2019 for us. I took my computer, phone and beer outside and worked all afternoon on a new way of promoting my art.

My mom sent me a website that allows artists of all sorts to upload their content. I spent all afternoon Monday doing this. It’s pretty awesome actually. I am now able to offer my work in print, canvas print and various textiles. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years and couldn’t find an affordable, sort of hands off method of doing this until now. This site handles all the orders, printing and shipping. It’s an incredible way to grow my business and promote my work. Click here to check it out.

I’m sorry it took me until today to post this week, I will try and get another post in before week’s end. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers from time to time!


Artist, entrepreneur and wine lover. Trying to enjoy every bit that life has to offer.

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