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New Years resolutions are in full swing again. Whatever your resolutions are, this could be a great way of hitting the reset button and really achieving life goals! The sad reality about this wonderfully positive thing is that many people try and then quit. Is it human nature to think goals are not attainable? Do we have to fight to make life changes a reality? I have fought with this my whole adult life. It’s like I mentioned in a previous post, we have an end goal in mind but don’t want to make the trip to get there. Maybe re-evaluating that end goal will help you make the trip more achievable. 

That being said, you and only you are accountable for holding yourself to achieving these goals. So how do you do this? What steps do you have to take to ensure you don’t “fall off the wagon” per se?

In another book I’m reading, “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis she talks about (and I am paraphrasing) “what if you had a friend that constantly made promises and never showed up, or quit when you trusted they’d be there for you on a project? You wouldn’t be friends with them for long would you? So why do we do this to ourselves all the time?”

We make these resolutions and then give up, or make excuses to justify why we quit. “Life got in the way”, “I’m too tired”, “I just can’t do it” or whatever we tell ourselves. If you learned to hold yourself accountable like you would a friend then you’d more than likely find success. Don’t ya think? 

I am taking this to heart this coming year, I have goals I have set for myself over and over again and just given up. I won’t be that friend you can’t trust anymore, I’ll be there and not give up. My resolutions are not monumental, so I just have to trust if I keep myself focused I will achieve them. 

Here’s to another year!

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Bread is making a comeback in 2019

Bread, the much debated to eat or not to eat story. Bread is one of humans earliest forms of man made products, dating back to 15,000 B.C. In the last few years with the rise of gluten intolerance bread has been deemed unhealthy, the reason for weight gain and various intolerances among other things. If you really look at how bread was made throughout history it was not bad for you. The modern version of bread, the “wonder-bread’s” of the world for sure have ingredients that could be done without, but bread in it’s truest form is not bad nor unhealthy for you. It’s delicious and made with very few ingredients.

BreadMy sister is celiac and she didn’t know she was until her 20’s. This bread conundrum makes me think because she always got sick when eating gluten, but I’ve always wondered if she made her own bread with yeast from the air and all natural flour and water would she react? People have allergies to food more and more these days and I wonder if it’s because it’s no longer “food” but processed shit that we’ve been fed by the conglomerates.

Anyway I heard bread is making a comeback and I for one could not be happier! Croissants, bagels, baguettes, the fresh bread you get to sop up the juicy remnants of an amazing home cooked meal you just devoured! Yum bread is all I have to say about that. Oh and butter….fuck don’t get me started!

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Little trip to Edmonton

We flew in Thursday night. Nice little 50 minute flight. Luke and I tend to play scrabble on short flights to see if we can finish a game or not. He beat me this time, mind you I helped him place one word that prompted a 40+ score. (I’m very competitive so it grinds my grits to lose…sorry hun). Anyway we got in and had a late dinner, there’s a one hour ahead time change from where we live and crashed.

Next day we had a plan of seeing family if we could, and also picking up what we needed for Saturday night dinner. Also go to the Oilers vs Flyers game at the Rogers Centre that night.

We stopped at a pub before the game and there were at least 20 dudes all wearing various quality Santa suits. I had to ask what was going on and they said “we’re just a bunch of Santa’s going to watch hockey”. At one point they were all chanting “CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS”. The final score was 4-1 for the Oilers. Woot woot!

Saturday was Christmas dinner day. We had to plan an early Christmas just to be sure everyone could make it to see each other. (I’ll tell you all about my insanely large family at some point) I was supposed to be the sous chef to Luke but didn’t help as much as I had promised. I got involved in playing with the kiddos and wrapping gifts and drinking a bit to much wine. We all wore onesies (see picture below) as planned and played games.

Overall it was a lovely weekend getaway and I love my family very much. See below for some recipes we used for sides and punch. Happy Monday.

Christmas Punch: if you make this the day before the flavours infuse much more

• 2 bottles dry sparkling white wine

• 1.5 cups brandy

• 2 litre bottle of ginger ale

• 2 litre bottle of real cranberry-juice

• 2 cinnamon sticks

• 2 oranges cut into slices

• bag of whole cranberries

Brussel Sprout side: you can ratio this to whatever you like, taste as you go. The point is to bring it all together but differentiating the individual flavours as well.

• Brussel sprouts

• cranberries

• pecans

• honey and balsamic vinegar