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Let’s talk about something else…

Well I am over talking about the plan. It was a learning experience for me and I will continue to use this as a guide to eating for my body. I do have to say though that I would highly recommend everyone trying it out at least once. Nearly everyone in my office tried it with different levels of weight loss. But everyone thinks it helped them understand what food does to each person on an individual basis.

Let’s talk about something else:

It’s the last day of February and I have a headache. I’ve been stressing about work and finances a bit. I work really hard but so far have not seen the rewards. I am in the sales industry and work on commission and it can be hard to ramp up and see consistent paychecks. First world problems I know, but it’s what I am going through at the moment. So instead of dwelling I am trying to focus on the things that don’t stress me out like painting and my hubby and of course the dogs.

My dogs:

Oliver is blind, we had to remove his eyes last year due to cataracts that turned into ulcers and poor baby was in pain so we made the decision. I’ve had Oliver since he was just wee and now he’s almost 10 years old. Jazmine was a rescue and I got her about 6 months after Oliver and she’ll be 10 this summer. Needless to say they are my babies and have been with me through many things. Breakups, leaving everything in Ontario and driving across the country to start a new life in Alberta and then some.

Oliver has been incredible lately, he has been finding his way upstairs on his own. I was calling out for him and see him making his way back downstairs like he could see every step. He runs fearlessly through the park when we take him out. We take him when no one is there, other dogs don’t always bother him but I’d rather not have the hassle. He’s a walking, breathing reason that nothing I’m going through means I need to quit or stop. He’s truly an inspiration!

Jazmine is a little sweetheart, she loves everyone, no matter what. She actually is a bit crazy also, she’ll watch tv and barks at any animal she sees. She especially hates the trip advisor owl, the sound he makes at the beginning of each commercial sets her off even if she’s not watching. But whenever I’m sick or feeling down she’ll never leave my side, always there for me always snuggling.

Here are a couple pictures of my babies!

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Day 15 “The Plan”

I hope this is not getting redundant talking about this meal plan, but it is nearly over. Only 5 days left. I’m down a total of 6 pounds and the only thing I’ve weeded out of my diet so far is mushrooms and maybe bread (I am going to re-test bread). I haven’t reacted to eggs, pork, chicken, beef, all the vegetables I’ve eaten (testing tomatoes tomorrow), almonds, rice, cheese, wine and beer!

What I’ve learned from this process is how to really pay attention to my gut. How is it feeling on a day to day basis. It is not about struggling with bland boring food. It is about finding all the flavors you love in foods that work for your body.

I have been sick with a cold for about a week now, and haven’t had the energy to work out at all which I am sure would have aided in the weight loss. I am off work tomorrow and Wednesday and plan on taking a couple long walks with Oliver and Jazmine. Luke is out of town for a work trip so I’ll have these two days to myself. I feel like creating, so I will work on one of the many paintings I’ve started and abandoned.

It’s funny how much you miss just doing the things you love when you’ve been sick. It really sucks the life right out of you doesn’t it? Well I’m glad my cold is on it’s way out. Happy Monday!!

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Day 9 The plan

Luke and I had a cheat day on the weekend, bad idea because we both had reactions to the things we ate.  I’m pretty sure I react to mushrooms.  We are back on track now and although I gained weight due to the cheat, I’m down again this morning.

This week the introductory foods are bread, a new protein and new vegetable. We are gonna try tomatoes because we both love them but apparently they are very reactionary to many people.  As for the protein I think we will try beef or fish, haven’t decided yet. Salmon although full of nutrients is apparently very reactionary to many people, as are eggs.  The beauty of this testing system is things that you may think are good for you (and they are for many people) May react differently in your body.

Salmon for instance, some people will react to salmon being cooked but not in the form of sashimi.  When you cook protein it changes the molecules which can do different things to the digestive system.  Same as eggs, you may be fine with an over easy egg but react to it being boiled. It’s all quite interesting.

My goal this week is to drop another 4 pounds so I’ll keep going through the program (no cheats) and post again this weekend.  Happy hump day everyone.

Tested pork for dinner
Tested zucchini
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