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I spent Easter weekend with my family and in true Christina fashion I somehow created a situation that made a few upset. I don’t understand how I have a knack for doing this. I think of myself as compassionate, and caring but apparently I say the wrong things sometimes. I offended several members of my family with observations I had and how I approached some news I was given regarding one person. None of this was from a place of malice or hate, but the way I said things apparently made them angry. I regret what I said even though in no way did I mean it the way it was taken.

I spoke to my siblings the following morning and they say now they understand what I meant but still feel it was inappropriate. They also said they love me and not to worry.

I’ve always been sensitive and feel too much. I also care so much that I tend to pry which pisses people off. If they want to tell me something they would I suppose, but my nature leads to me pushing until I get what I want.

I had several heart to heart talks, which has helped me not feel like a total asshole. But there is one person that was involved in this particular situation that won’t speak to me.

This situation has made me look at myself, how I approach situations particularly. I need to learn how to think before I speak and even learn how to not say anything at all. I love my family more than they know, but sometimes loving doesn’t mean knowing everything. I need to trust that they will reach out if they need to.

Every day I learn more about myself. As we get older and have the ability to share feelings more openly, especially between siblings I think gives us the opportunity to do better.

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Career-Dream Job

I’m sorry I haven’t written yet this week, it’s been a busy one. I had a fairly successful week at work which of course is good. We had an grand opening event at my store. We spent most of last year under renovation and so brought a bunch of influencers to come and see the finished product.

I sell appliances and so our renovation consisted of our showroom being upgraded to show the luxury appliances in kitchens. We have 8 kitchens showing product from Kitchenaid, Bertazzoni all the way up to Subzero and Wolf. I’ve learned a lot about appliances over the last year. It’s funny because everyone uses refrigerators and stoves (proper term is range), BBQ (proper term is grill), dishwashers, ventilation etc. But how many people buy appliances? I wouldn’t have guessed the amount of people that do.

Personally I’ve used whatever was in my home without giving it much thought. Now that I have this knowledge and I know what we would buy once we build or renovate our home.

This knowledge has changed me forever. I did not think that how long food lasts in a fridge had something to do with the fridge. Or the type of detergent used can change the life expectancy of your dishwasher.

Although my job is in sales we consider ourselves product experts. We qualify our clients to find what would work best for their families. Sometimes mixing different brands because of how they work is best then doing a matching package.

Anyway, that what my day job consists of. It’s not bad, it can be cutthroat at times due to all the competition which can be hard. Of course the dream is to work for myself, so I will constantly find ways of doing so. There’s a business Luke and I are looking to get into, we are literally waiting on city hall here to give us the go ahead. I’ll discuss this venture further once we can move forward.

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Outdoor living

I used to camp…A LOT. In canada for those of you who don’t know, the parks here book up like nobody’s business. You have to book almost a year in advance to secure a spot. I moved to the west side of Canada in 2012 and haven’t done much camping. The strange thing about that is that it’s the perfect place to get away. We have mountains and lakes and even the ocean if you wanted to venture a 4 hour trip.

Luke and I moved to the Okanagan December 2017 because we wanted to spend more time outdoors. We’ve been so busy with life, jobs and whatnot that we’ve had little time to do what we came here for.

The Okanagan was just deemed number one wine destination in the world FYI.

So we are looking for a tent trailer. I drive a 2010 Kia Sportage, which I drove across country (a three day trip) pulling a U-Haul. I thought since I did that there’d be no problem getting a tent trailer and pulling that. Apparently I am wrong. My little SUV can only pull 1500 lbs. those trailers weigh around 1400. If you add the propane and gear I’d be over my towing capacity.

We own a tent and I have no problem “roughing” it. But the thought of having all your gear in one place just waiting to be hooked up to go is appealing.

Next thought is, what if we trade in one of our vehicles for a pop up van. I’ve actually always wanted one. Especially a Volkswagen. They’re expensive but would be cool to own.

Anyway…the plan this summer is to get outside WAY more. I’m on the lookout for kayaks also. When you live in places surrounded by nature you really can’t pass up the opportunities to “live” in it. Even if it’s for a weekend.