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May flowers

May has arrived and I am excited for planting flowers. Every year we pull out all our pots and spend a Sunday going to greenery’s to select our plants. We’ve already planted our perennials in the front of the house. Daisy’s mostly. I love Daisy’s. Our herb garden has been planted as well but maybe a bit too early since the basil looks like it might not survive.

We have so much sun on our property that some plants didn’t survive the extreme heat. So we will have to be more selective this year. We had a massive elm tree in our front yard last year that had to come down due to the elm seed beetle problem we and our neighbors had. They were coming in by the thousands through light fixtures, walls and windows. So very happy that tree is gone. (Not something I would normally say!)

With the tree gone we have even more afternoon sun in the backyard. Last weekend we rearranged our backyard a bit. Since we are renting we have to ask permission usually but our landlord loves and trusts us so pretty much said “have at ‘er”.

We moved a bench swing that was sitting in a dark corner and never used. I wiped it down and washed the fabric and added some colourful throw pillows. It’s now in a spot that’s in the sun and can be used when we have gatherings. We’ve already had many people enjoying it, including the dogs! Luke built a beautiful table to go underneath the awning and all we need now are some wood chairs. I’m hoping to find four different chairs that can be painted to match and still be comfortable. Luke is also building a bench.

Ahhh spring! See some pictures below of the backyard and projects.

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It’s a beautiful day

I’ve been posting on Tuesday normally, but to very honest this week has been a shit show thus far. Waking up at 4 or 5 am just because my body clock says so. Then working in a place that thrives on me being my best self to sell product that people need (sometimes want) with many competitors. The competition slashes prices and undermines what we do. This leads to lost sales often. It’s a cutthroat business.

In my field we call ourselves “product experts” which is an accurate term. Customers come to us to get a pretty substantial knowledge base and then a quote. They take this quote to the “big box” stores who simply offer 10% off the quote because they can. Sometimes the customers just buy there, because of price point. Not really thinking that I spent hours of my time finding out what they need and what works for their family. They don’t realize that I work on commission. They just see a dollar figure. The most frustrating thing is that we price match. I mention this every time I speak with a customer.

I get phone calls or emails stating: “thank you so much for the time and information you gave me, but I found a deal I couldn’t pass up!” These communications infuriate me because we match prices. So why did I spend all this time with you so that you could go and put money in the hands of some massive corporation??!

I mean, I understand that money is tight for a lot of people. Hell, I am one of them. But that is my biggest issue with these big box stores. They just slash prices whilst paying their uninformed employees shit wages and taking money out of the pockets of people who deserve it.

Rant over

Sorry about the rant, but this is my life. I just started in this field of work and I’m frustrated. But it’s a beautiful day and I’m off work today and tomorrow and I will focus on what I actually love.

Two days off

So here I am at the beginning of two days off and thinking how wonderful it is to get up without an alarm. To put a face mask on and have a coffee and write. I have plans for these next two days. I have two paintings to finish, I have weeding to do. Getting my hair done and perhaps a pedicure (its almost toe showing time). We had the most beautiful sunshine rain yesterday and it put me in a cheerful mood. I have always loved rainbows. Even if I am driving and t’s raining and the sun is shining I’m rainbow searching. It’s one of those things that make me smile. Just like seeing flowers blooming, there is something about spring that is inspiring! When you live in a place with actual seasons, you really appreciate the change from brown and grey to bursts of colour. Even the green of the grass makes me happy.

Happy endings

So thats the plan….two days off. No stress, doing what I want to do and enjoying this amazing spring weather. Until next time….