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First camping trip of the year

Friday late afternoon we launched our first camping trip of the season! We are lucky that we were able to get our hands on a 2013 Flagstaff tent trailer. Neither Luke or I have ever owned a camper so this is “glamping” for us! We are both sick but since this was booked months in advance we decided to go nevertheless.

Okanagan Lake is massive and there are many beautiful campsites all around. This trip we went to the Okanagan south campground. Once there it only took Luke 4 tries to back up the trailer straight. (We both thought it would’ve taken him more, so this was an achievement!) Beside us was this large group of old hippies celebrating one of their 60th birthdays. They were a fun bunch but we were there to keep to ourselves mostly.

We set up Friday night and basically did just that…set up have a few drinks and make dinner. We went to bed around 9 seeing as were both sick. Saturday morning we knew the weather would be sub-par but figured get out as early as possible and do stuff.

We walked the dogs and made breakfast and then took the kayaks out. The water was cold and the wind was blowing which made it more challenging to paddle. But we paddled and it was grand. I haven’t been on the water like this in years. It’s one of the reasons we moved out here, to explore and be more physically active.

We got back from kayaking and the rain started. It poured for hours, making it hard to do anything but play chess or cards. Normally I beat Luke at chess but he won a very impressive two to one bout.

Next day

We woke up this morning hoping for sunshine as the weather apps predicted. No such luck. It was raining before we got up and although it stopped it was chilly and windy. Our spot also calls for us to vacate by 11 so we simply made breakfast and cleaned up and went home.

There are definitely a few tweaks to be made in the trailer. Neither of us are fans of the old lady frilly decor most campers have. We are gonna spend sometime over the summer to revamp the trailer to suit us better, and also make it look better if it ever comes time to sell it.

I started researching tent trailer renovations and there are some pretty amazing before and after on Pinterest. Can’t wait to start customizing ours!

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Stay Classy San Diego

In this post I will step away from discussing the deeper things, to talk about the mini trip I took to San Diego. I love being able to re-calibrate and recharge by taking short inexpensive trips. Luke had to go down for a conference, so I thought I’d tag along. The hotel room is covered so all I had to pay for was flight and food.

San Diego:

San Diego as Ron Burgundy clearly states “is the greatest city of mankind, discovered by the Germans in 1904” haha! To be fair though, it is a pretty cool city. Since Luke had to work, I spent day one at Balboa park. This is a must see place, the architecture alone is spectacular. There are quite a few museums in the area including the art museum, museum of man, natural history museum, botanical gardens, and Spanish village art center (see pictures below).

Day two was a chill day! I sat outside facing the harbor and watched boats go by and read. Oh I forgot to mention the restaurant day one which was the Blind Burro! Amazing authentic Mexican food and margaritas! I was in heaven.

We ate at Blue Point the second night and had the seafood tower and lobster rolls. All of which was delicious. For getting around you can take an Uber anywhere for a good price. Our favorite mode of transportation however was the electric scooters. (Click here for a short video of my first ride). They are set up like Uber or Lyft in the way of being able to find one via GPS, and unlock it with a scan of the QR code. It was only one dollar to start and 15 cents/minute to continue.  With this mode of transportation we were able to go through the Gaslamp district, all the way up to Little Italy. What an incredible way to get around with no emissions,  no traffic jams and at your fingertips! 

The restaurant night three was Civico1845. The servers were very knowledgeable and pleasant. I had the ravioli all’aragosta, which was so delicious. They also have an amazing vegan menu. The picture of the wine above was from this spot. So many lovely things to see and do in San Diego. The people are nice and the restaurants are pretty swell. I would highly recommend if you’ve never been to check it out! Thank you for listening!

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A little history

This is going to be brutally honest and perhaps a bit shocking, but I feel I should share some of my history. I talked about moving across the country in my last post and want to expand on that.

During my 20’s I went through several pretty bad relationships. I met Justin and we had a weird relationship, he was never nice to me even in the beginning. I still struggle with why I was ever with him. We had got pregnant and I had an abortion. Although he had agreed to this, after the fact he was really angry with me. He began physically abusing me, that was a scary time for me. I tried to get away from him but he always stalked me. He once broke into my car and took my steering wheel so I couldn’t go anywhere. One night he hurt me pretty bad. I was hospitalized from the wounds and trauma I suffered. He was arrested and went to jail for this, I was finally free of him.

I met Dan in 2006, he was charming and attractive and we moved in together within 3 months of knowing each other. Everyone that met him liked him, including my family. I spent 5 years of my life with this man. We had friends and went on trips but there was a dark side to him. He would get black out drunk and hit me and then not remember doing it the next day and begging for me to forgive him. He also cheated on me a lot.

The first time it happened I was broken. He begged for forgiveness and I gave it to him. It happened again and again and I always forgave him. I always had an excuse for him. He had me in this trap, I felt mentally drained all the time. I wasn’t taking care of myself and I didn’t see a way out.

He cheated on me a final time and I just said that is it and decided to move from Kingston Ontario to Calgary. I knew if I stayed he would perhaps lure me back and I couldn’t have it. A lot of my family lived in Calgary, and my brother offered me a place to stay.

What I learned from these past relationships is that I matter. I started caring about myself again. I actually stopped looking for relationships and focused on my career when I met my husband. Luke is polar opposite to anyone I’ve ever dated. He is all around good, he’s patient, loving and loyal. We’ve been together nearly 5 years now and I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t ever let your past determine your future.