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Day 4 of the plan

I gotta tell you that the amount of food prep is more than expected. And you make a lot of it too! Here we are on day four with a ton of leftovers. So we decided instead of making new food for today we will just eat what we’ve made already. The only new introductory food today is cheese!

Please, don’t let me react to cheese! Please, don’t let me react to cheese!

So far I am down 4.8 pounds, and Luke 5.2 and in only three days. Another change for me is that the rash I’ve had on my elbows for nearly all my adult life has gone away. It’s amazing to find out that gut health really does control many things.

Dinner day two introduced rice and dinner last night introduced chicken! I didn’t react to either! I had my first coffee in three days this morning. I could feel the caffeine through my veins right away. I did feel fatigued the last few days but the book says that’s fairly normal because your body is detoxing. Today my energy levels seem good. I’ll post in a couple of days with more progress!

Dinner day two
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“The Plan”

“The Plan” some would call it a diet plan, but in fact it is more of a discovery of which food works for you. Everyone handles food differently and so any given “diet” does not work for everyone. I’ve never really been one to diet, I have always eaten pretty healthily. Recently what I have been discovering though is bloat and sudden extreme weight gain, and I don’t know what from. Like last summer, I discovered I cannot eat corn at all, and having lived in Mexico and the southern states for some of my young life I have a love of corn served all sorts of ways. So this discovery was annoying, but I just have to deal with it.

In the last couple of months I’ve noticed that the bloat is coming on more often. It could be from anything I may have eaten through the day which is frustrating to not know exactly what is causing this. I had an 11 pound flux within two days. 6 pounds up one day and 5 down…not normal I know. So after talking with Luke about the plan, we both thought it would be good to discover what is causing these things. I would love to eat healthy and be full without worrying about drastic weight gain or bloat.

We started day one yesterday. Breakfast consists of a homemade flax granola with raisins and blueberries, using Rice Dream instead of anything dairy. Lunch is homemade carrot and ginger soup with pumpkin seeds, steamed broccoli and mixed greens with orange oil drizzle. Snack, half a fruit. Dinner sautéed kale with the coco sauce, beet and carrot salad grated with pumpkin seeds. You cannot drink anything but water or dandelion tea for the first three days.

The first 3 days you are cleansing your body of toxins and eating the most non-reactionary foods. After day three you allowed coffee and even a glass of wine if you choose. The plan details all your meal plans for 20 days, the first 3 days are critical and if you deviate from the plan you may find you bloat or gain weight without an explanation. The whole point is to introduce one new item a day to see how your body reacts. Once the 20 days has passed you can continue introducing new food items and continue to journey. The most exciting thing about this for me is going to be the ability to eat to my hearts content without bloating. So I will post about our progress through the plan as we go along. I hope you enjoy.

Lunch day one and two
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Last year in my 30’s

I turned 39 on the 28th. Age has never really bothered me before, but the whole week leading up to my birthday I became very aware that I would be older. I went through a small bout of depression thinking about when I was 20, I had all these plans of what I would achieve before 40. I have achieved some of these goals but not all of them. Maybe that is unrealistic, but nevertheless it all kind of hit me like a bag of bricks. I am lucky because my husband and sisters helped me get over my funk with silly antic-dotes and jokes. They helped me stop overthinking and just be OK with getting older! It is not a bad thing! This next decade will be pretty exciting I decided.

I was off work for my birthday, which is not something that happens often when you work in retail. The depression had passed and I woke up feeling thankful and happy. I snuggled on the couch with the pups and watched a movie first thing, and then took them on a nice long walk. It was pretty crisp out but the sun was shinning so I didn’t mind the cold. Our winters here in Kelowna are probably some of the mildest in the country, there is cloud cover which keeps it warm but then we don’t see a ton of sun.

After our walk I decided to practice for the upcoming Art Battle. This event is awesome, they travel to cities all over the world to host them. I am one of 12 artists who are competing for a final spot. We all paint for 20 minutes, and when the time is up, hands up and walk away allowing for the crowd to determine who goes to the next round. There are three rounds of this. So, I wanted to see what I could do in 20 minutes, here are the results.

That evening Luke and I went to the Waterfront Cafe and had a lovely meal with a great bottle of Brezeme 2014. After dinner we went next door to this French bistro to have an aperitif. They have this amazing cognac that you can’t buy anywhere but Quebec or France. If you ever have a chance to have a sip of this , it’ll blow you away.

So that sums up my 39th birthday. Here’s to another year….my last year in my 30’s!