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Random pairings

My husband and I decided to eat mostly vegetarian throughout the week, he is a talented cook and gets very creative with recipes.  He has an Instagram account called Profane Pantry where he showcases his cooking. The name profane pantry came from him swearing when he has a plan but is missing ingredients and has to find substitutes.  I told him he should start blogging about it because I feel a lot of home chefs have the same experiences.

Anyway, the other night he made falafel’s from scratch, homemade tzatziki and salad. Last night he made this killer (not completely authentic) black lentil dal based on the recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s blog and even though we didn’t have all the ingredients he rocked it.  I decided to pair it with a lovely bottle of Hommage Cotes Du Rhone.  This wine typically has sweet, sophisticated notes,  but after a spoonful of the dal all of these spice notes rose up creating a dance on the palate.  Delicious!

This wine is a blend of Syrah and Grenache and it is such a great affordable easy wine to drink, and pairs with nearly everything as I found out last night.  Most of the wine I buy is under $20 and this particular bottle was around $14. 

If you are looking for amazing meal ideas check out the cookbooks below. I recommend them! Happy Cooking….and don’t forget the wine.

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I don’t like the gym, I went there and felt anxious and annoyed. I couldn’t find room to do any floor work that wasn’t in front of people pumping iron and staring at themselves. Anyone else think the gym is over-rated? There are so many ways of getting in shape without spending time surrounded by people you don’t know, in a place that smells of sweat (and tears). When I was in college I loved going to the gym but maybe because I am not looking to make new friends or impress anyone, it is not for me anymore. 

I still did a good job of working out last week. I downloaded a fitness for women app that has a lot of different workouts to follow called “7M workout“.  The bummer is that I didn’t lose any weight at all. I actually gained 2 lbs.  Luke (my hubby) keeps encouraging me to not give up. So I will pull up my big girl panties and keep at er. 

Here’s to another week.