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The Art

I’ve been dreaming about painting. Painting multiple series so that I could do my own exhibit. It all started with my discounting work to just clean out what I haven’t sold yet. Sort of a fresh start. I typically have about a dozen paintings, just sitting around, not hung. I thought they could give someone joy, so why not just sell them for under their value to force myself to start new projects.

My dreams started with an all black and white theme. I paint with acrylics, which is such a versatile medium. You can do dry brush, or water it down to an almost watercolour look. These dream paintings had the watercolour look to them. Like a women’s dress flowing into the air. Or her hair blowing in the wind. There’s a splash of colour, either on her person or in the background….but mostly just black and white.

The second theme is extremely colourful. Mid century modern almost, geometric shapes, beautiful colour. My husband can build frames that really make this concept a reality. The thin frame around an abstract painting really sets its tone. Talking about frames, for a couple years now I’ve been collecting ornate vintage frames and painting an abstract to sit within it. This is also a very cool look, but I’m now very drawn to the cleaner simpler lines of mid century.

So this will be my focus, painting, the art. I say if you dream about something it’s a sign and I won’t let this inspiration go to waste.

Mid century look
Vintage ornate frame with abstract painting.


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