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Another plan bites the dust

A few blogs ago I was talking about a venture Luke and I were looking into. Since then several companies have come into play taking our plan right out from under us. On the bright side if we had started we would’ve been the ones taking all the risk. So we are stepping back to see how it pans out for them. We may start up next spring, but for now we will let these companies iron out all the potential problems with the city and the clientele.

So for now….

Today is my one day off this weekend. We actually slept in (by that I mean we slept past 6am, all the way to 7:40). We feel rested and ready to take on the day.

Plan 1:

Have coffee, tidy up the kitchen, and finish laundry.

Plan 2:

Take the dogs to the park. We want to tire them out so we can spend time without them.

Plan 3:

Pack a picnic and head to the beach to float on the lake.

Plan 4:

Finish our project of repurposing the vintage table and chairs we found on Facebook marketplace.

Sounds like a nice way to spend a day don’t ya think?

Art show

I also have to finish a few art pieces for the upcoming art walk happening downtown Kelowna on August 1st. This event happens every year and this will hopefully be the first of many for me.

I had prints done so that I can sell my art even if it’s not the original. This way I’ll get more work out there. I find during these types of events people don’t want to spend big bucks. So having prints at $20-$30 makes it more feasible that I’ll sell something.

Happy Sunday!