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More honesty (but a little lighter)

In my last blog I shared some pretty intimate details of my past. I re-read it and it came across quick and lifeless, even though it was extremely personal. I realized it could be the SEO that I use to help me since I’m still new to this writing thing. So I’ve decided to step back a little from the “rules” I’m being told on how to write.

So true story:

I have been struggling with sickness the last few months. Colds, stomach pains, lumps, headaches, you name it! It could be a combination of depression from my brothers passing, but also to not truly knowing my direction. It could also be that I am premenopausal! I am 39 years old and found out that this is a thing.

It could all somehow be related though. My step brother Chris was in my life from the time I was ten and he was about 3. Mind you I left living with the majority of my family at the age of 16 to move in with my dad. This lead to a disconnect from me and my siblings.

A little back story;

My mom (Mireille) and dad (Brooks) had 4 kids. Myself, Marieanne, Anthony and Michelle. My step dad (John) had Heidi, Celeste, John, Chris and Sue when we all became a family. My mom had Andre, Carmel, Jaime, Katrina and Aime while we all lived together. My dad had James and Adria before my mom. There are a few more to add to this mixed blended family but this was the family I was aware of at the time.

If that didn’t confuse you, you’re good! I still get lost especially with birthdays. I should know them all but I don’t. I know the months but again I moved away from most of the siblings when I was still young.

That was supposed to be just a little insight and turned into an ancestry post or something.  Anyway, there were many reasons I moved away, but one of my main reasons was I wanted my own space. Imagine sharing a room with 4 girls you’re whole life! I also wanted to finish high school in actual school.  I was home schooled from the time I was in third grade until 10th.

To be continued.

At this point I feel it might be getting long winded so i will pause for now. I will say that I felt much more like myself in writing this.  So the SEO thing can kiss my ass.  It may be good for “likes” or “followers” or whatever.  But I am here to share my story and journey and if my writing style is to passive or long winded I apologize.

Obviously there is more to tell…


Artist, entrepreneur and wine lover. Trying to enjoy every bit that life has to offer.

2 thoughts on “More honesty (but a little lighter)

  1. Your blog is great, Christina. Your story is yours to tell in whatever way works for you.
    Keep on, keep on …


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