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Day 15 “The Plan”

I hope this is not getting redundant talking about this meal plan, but it is nearly over. Only 5 days left. I’m down a total of 6 pounds and the only thing I’ve weeded out of my diet so far is mushrooms and maybe bread (I am going to re-test bread). I haven’t reacted to eggs, pork, chicken, beef, all the vegetables I’ve eaten (testing tomatoes tomorrow), almonds, rice, cheese, wine and beer!

What I’ve learned from this process is how to really pay attention to my gut. How is it feeling on a day to day basis. It is not about struggling with bland boring food. It is about finding all the flavors you love in foods that work for your body.

I have been sick with a cold for about a week now, and haven’t had the energy to work out at all which I am sure would have aided in the weight loss. I am off work tomorrow and Wednesday and plan on taking a couple long walks with Oliver and Jazmine. Luke is out of town for a work trip so I’ll have these two days to myself. I feel like creating, so I will work on one of the many paintings I’ve started and abandoned.

It’s funny how much you miss just doing the things you love when you’ve been sick. It really sucks the life right out of you doesn’t it? Well I’m glad my cold is on it’s way out. Happy Monday!!


Artist, entrepreneur and wine lover. Trying to enjoy every bit that life has to offer.

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