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Relatable things…

I watched a movie called “Riding in cars with boys” again (I watched it before when it was released in 2001) the overall premise is; a girl gets knocked up at the age of 15 in the 60’s and “ruins” her life. What I got from the film was, yes, the main character (played by Drew Barrymore) got pregnant at the age of 15, but instead of feeling anything positive all she felt was regret, and blame. She blamed everyone in her life, her parents, her child, the father of her child. She never considered she may have fucked up and caused her own issues.

I’m not saying that having a baby young “ruins” your life, because I know a lot of young moms who’ve owned it and became wonderful moms (some in my family). The movie eludes to that statement.

The issue I had with this character was the blame game. She never took other peoples feelings into consideration. It was always about her. What they did to her, how what they did affected her. I honestly liked her rebellion at the beginning of the film but then this thing of blaming everyone for her lack of success pissed me off.

It was an eye opener, especially because I’m much older now and seeing it again I relate to everyone else and not her in this film. I remember feeling sorry for her, relating to her even, that yes she was a product of her situation and not the problem at all.

The thing I’m taking away from this rant is, you can’t blame everyone and everything in your life for how your life is. You are responsible to step up and change your circumstances or just accept the “mistakes” you’ve made as yours and no one else’s. It’s a hard pill to swallow I’m sure, but owning it and learning from those mistakes instead of blaming, I think, is the point.

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