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I don’t like the gym, I went there and felt anxious and annoyed. I couldn’t find room to do any floor work that wasn’t in front of people pumping iron and staring at themselves. Anyone else think the gym is over-rated? There are so many ways of getting in shape without spending time surrounded by people you don’t know, in a place that smells of sweat (and tears). When I was in college I loved going to the gym but maybe because I am not looking to make new friends or impress anyone, it is not for me anymore. 

I still did a good job of working out last week. I downloaded a fitness for women app that has a lot of different workouts to follow called “7M workout“.  The bummer is that I didn’t lose any weight at all. I actually gained 2 lbs.  Luke (my hubby) keeps encouraging me to not give up. So I will pull up my big girl panties and keep at er. 

Here’s to another week.